Sanctuary Meditation

A Transformation Guide to Relaxation


Two meditations that will help you connect with your higher self, balance your chakras and find answers to your innermost

A sanctuary can be thought of as a sacred place where you can feel safe, and protected from danger and hardship.

This CD contains a meditation that allows you to reach such a place of protection, a state of peaceful inner harmony, oneness with your INNER SELF. By practicing this meditation often you will begin to connect with your creative self, the wellspring of your inner wisdom. It is from this INNER SANCTUM that answers to many of your life’s issues
and problems can be resolved and answered.

You will be amazed at the magic that can happen when you still the impetuous mind and let your soft centre slowly gain strength. By simply allowing it to be, and listening to the stillness inside, you will witness the gradual unfolding of your personal strengths and inner secrets. For this to occur, regular use of this C.D. is essential.

This journey will take you through your chakras, the psychic centres of your body. These are your energy centres that play a vital role in the balance and harmony of your body and mind. The meditation allows you to explore your abilities and inner secrets by slowly tuning into your energy centres and their colors. As you slowly ascend the chakras, you will be transported to your inner most sanctuary and come face to face with your higher self. You may think of this as your inner guide. It is from this place that all answers can be reached.

The meditation transports you into a peaceful garden with a beautiful tree and takes you on a tranquil journey, where you feel deeply relaxed. As you begin to go deeper into relaxation with this meditative state, you slowly ascend the tree with colorful birds matching the colors of the chakras. By breathing in each color, your metabolism slows more and more away from the defense response that we are generally geared to. As you “inhale” each color, your whole system relaxes, your heartbeat slows down, and you can begin to experience a euphoric state.

The meditation then leads you to the top of the tree into a sanctuary where you meet your personal guide. It is in this deeper tranquil state that you “lose” your ego mind and connect with your intuitive side, also known as higher self or higher consciousness. While in this state, you are free to address your inner guidance with any question you might have. This is how you connect with your inner wisdom, your inner voice, and start becoming deeply aware of your own true nature.

Sometimes when meeting with your inner guide tears can flow. This is a sign of a gentle yet powerful state emerging and can invoke feelings of deep vulnerability, and simultaneously connect revelation with your inner core, your inner power source. This is an experience of tuning in to your divine energy. This state occurs when you connect and align your heart, your throat, brow and crown. After having “met” your inner guide and asked your question you then exit the sanctuary by slowly descending back down the chakras. The journey leaves you feeling deeply energized and you may feel enchanted or inspired by this rather euphoric experience, that can be compared to having a good nights sleep or coming home from a long…holiday…feeling deeply relaxed



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