About Lelita


Founder of Longer Lasting Mastery and Creator of the Orgasmic Effect.

I started Longer Lasting Mastery to help men discover the secret to having incredible staying power. And, to become the amazing lovers that every woman desires.

I work with men to teach them powerful exercises to assist with stimulating your energy flow to control your ejaculation. These methods are ideal for men who desire to have longer STAYING POWER in the bedroom including males who struggle reaching climax or have difficulty in staying hard and maintaining an erection.

You may already be aware of the devastating effects that premature ejaculation can have on otherwise satisfying, intimate and loving relationships.

There are a variety of remedies on the market that claim to solve and cure intimacy problems. Some involve expensive sprays, injections and other chemical fixes. Others involve physical exercises such as muscle squeezing. To some degree and for some men these so called cures may work for some time. Like many artificial remedies, they just mask the symptoms and fail to get to the root of the problem.

The Orgasmic Effect: A Natural & Long Term Cure for Premature Ejaculation

The Orgasmic Effect technique is a long-term cure for premature ejaculation and easily works for all males. The outcomes of using the technique are frequently described as euphoric, ‘magical’, a ‘floating feeling’. It can be described as the ‘missing link’ to prolonged sexual control. Once you learn this simple method it gives you the connection that you have been seeking all these years. The euphoric feeling is what a man wants and looks for from his partner.

When you discover how to control your energy you can increase your lasting power from a couple of minutes to one and two hours. With regular practice, usually within a week or two you develop the ability, to ejaculate at will. This is “The Orgasmic Effect”.

Learn the Orgasmic Effect

I teach the techniques in a single, personalized 2 1/2 – 3 hour session where you literally get connected to your energy that links you to your euphoric feelings and is the most direct way of downloading the method into your body memory, or mind to muscle. You can learn this technique in one session and have results in 7 days. A few minutes practice a day, and you can achieve a minimum of 15min (conservative) control in the first 2weeks as a minimum.

Choose Your Longer Lasting Mastery Session

Sensual Initiation Mastery

A stand alone 45 minute massage session for the man who is ready to experience a full body ejaculatory orgasm.

Aphrodite Eros Mastery Session

A 1 hour session for the man who is ready to experience heightened pleasure, with sensual erotic massage.

Erotic Warrior Mastery Session

1.5 hour session for the man who is ready to live empowered on a daily basis using teachings that generates mastery on all levels of energy.

Longer Lasting Mastery Session

In this session you will receive the full teachings for Longer Lasting Mastery to master vitality, pleasure and the capacity to last as long as you desire to.

Complete Eros Mastery

Complete Eros Session builds on Longer Lasting Mastery session yet includes two follow up sessions.