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Your Guide to Natural & Lasting Power

Introducing the “LASTING POWER” Technique. Increases Your Staying Power, Reduces P.E. Increases your Sexual Energy and Pleasure Levels.

The LASTING POWER technique is a set of simple but powerful exercises that are easily learnt and greatly help Stimulate Your Energy Flow, and Control Your Ejaculation. These methods are ideal for men who desire to have longer STAYING POWER in the bedroom including males who struggle reaching climax or have difficulty in staying hard and maintaining an erection.
These simple techniques will provide you with a set of tools that can bring you prolonged and greater pleasure in lovemaking.

At its core, Lasting Power technique is a step-by-step guide that unblocks your energy flow giving you control to harness and direct your sexual energy

The technique is easily implemented and instead of months of intensive practice males experience positive results within the first week or two.

Premature ejaculation is not a disease

Premature ejaculation is understood to be caused by a combination of contributing factors such as anxiety, stress, over excitement, learned behaviors and even lack of sufficient arousal. PE is also associated with infrequent periods of sexual activity, which can lead to over-excitement and arousal and then manifest as performance anxiety. Even if you are having sex at frequent intervals you can become excessively aroused and ejaculate sooner than you want….this is a common complaint, so you’re not the only one !! The most common element with all of the above is: when focus is scattered your energy is not being channeled effectively. Men who continually suffer from PE have simply never learnt to focus and control their natural and inherent sexual energy!!

Most men never become truly aware of their power and natural ability to channel ‘powerful sexual energy’ that increases their staying power.

When males feel “they need to get their rocks off” that’s when energy is not flowing correctly and males frequently struggle with anxiety, rather than be calm, focused, in perfect control and intimately involved with your partner. The truth is, that your bedroom performance is closely related with self-esteem and the quality of relationship you’re having with your partner or lover.

How the
“Lasting Power”
method works

Although the power of sexual energy has been well documented in Eastern literature for thousands of years, most men are still not aware of its immense healing powers, and capacity to revitalize the mind and organs of your body.

Many studies have been done to demonstrate the various ways that sexual activity alters body chemistry. When sex hormones are stimulated, they in turn stimulate the hormones secreted by the other major glands such as the pituitary, thymus, thyroid, adrenals, and pineal glands.

So it is important to understand that when this vital energy is correctly harnessed, in your mind and body, it also perceptibly shifts your body into healing and gradually corrects many imbalances and diseases that may be present in your body.

It’s a wonderful feeling to satisfy your partner or lover and give her the erotic pleasure that she wants and desires from you.

The “Lasting Power” technique introduces powerful tools for you to take charge of your sexual energy.

The technique gives you tools to remove self-imposed limits and gain control of your ejaculation, puts you in charge, that greatly increases your staying power prolonging your orgasm.

Thousands of men, just like you, have learnt this simple yet empowering method that has changed their lives when they have adopted these simple skills; that any man can learn in a short period of time; “how to control and channel your sexual energy”.

By implementing the Lasting Power method you will naturally become stronger, more focused and more masterful and bring yourself into higher realms of personal pleasure.

Using these techniques also helps women to achieve full body orgasms stimulating their energy without them even knowing how they achieve it. The “Lasting Power” technique is all natural and its effects become permanent when practiced on a regular basis. Unlike; many premature ejaculation cures that are based on inconvenient muscles pressing methods, pills and sprays.

Many premature ejaculation cures are based on physical control of muscles, pills, sprays or inconvenient muscles pressing methods. The “Lasting Power” technique is all natural and its effects become a part of your natural behavior when practiced on a regular basis.

The ultimate goal of “Lasting Power” is for you to no longer need the techniques, so you are free to tap into your unlimited supply of sexual energy at anytime.

What you will find in “Lasting Power”

  • The “Lasting Power” Video introduces you to simple yet powerful techniques that help you develop your natural ability to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • 50 minutes of Instructional Video you can watch online over and over. Access to the Video Tutorials take you step-by-step through the techniques and explain the practice in detail.
  • The Video shows you the links between emotional and deeper more satisfying physical intimacy connection with your partner or lover.
  • You learn how to; effectively change, and re-direct previous sexual behaviors and reflexes
  • Techniques and exercises help you get control of over-excited arousal by calmly re-directing this powerful energy through the natural channels in your body.
  • How to quickly eliminate daily stress and tiredness in your body and direct your energy flow to gain positive control over your moods.

The best thing you will find about the ‘Lasting Power’ techniques is you only need 5 min’s practice a day to get measurable results.

Each week with practice you can gain an additional 3-4mins and after 3-4 weeks you are lasting a standard of 20mins extra. All this with only 5mins practice a day that helps relax revitalize and boost positive energy. The more regular your practice the greater your vitality in your body, your energy flow increases that boosts your sexual energy at anytime.

This Is What You Get After Purchase

The “Lasting Power” Book guides you through simple yet powerful techniques that help you develop your natural ability to prevent premature ejaculation.

50 minutes of Instructional Video you can watch online over and over. Access to the Video Tutorials take you step-by-step through the techniques and help clarify and explain the process in even more detail.

By using the “Lasting Power” techniques you will learn how to, “turn on” stimulate and unblock your energy on all the levels. With more pleasure and control, comes a new exciting ability to explore and expand the limitless possibilities of your powerful sexual energy

The “Lasting Power” Book collection guides you through simple yet powerful techniques that help prolong your ability naturally; and prevent any symptoms of premature ejaculation. 50 minutes of Instructional Video Tutorials take you step-by-step through the techniques and help clarify and explain the process in greater detail so you can practice and watch online over and over.

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My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hi, I’m Tatiana, I just want to tell you that I value each and every customer. If you have committed yourself to the practice as outlined and are not absolutely delighted with this course simply send me an email and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund and you keep the book. I have been helping men successfully overcome the challenges of overcoming premature ejaculation, and increasing staying power from my Sydney Double Bay premises for over 10 years, using exactly the same techniques, as I am now making available to you through my book and video course.This is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the real benefits of my time tested methods and knowledge in this important area of men’s sexual health and well-being.Best of all you can enjoy the benefits directly gained from my experience and knowledge over many years, for a fraction of the price of a personal consultation.And all from the comfort and security of your own home and working at you’re own pace.

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