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How an Orgasm Works

As males experience everything through their head or their genitals going to adult services is a fast way for a male to release his built tension and additionally get the visual stimulation that gives them the ‘feel good feeling’. Read Article


An addiction is an attachment to something, when there is a strong attachment its usually accompanied by a sense of losing something, and followed by fear and constriction….. Read Article


When your energy is flowing it causes you to want to look forward and create situations rather than waiting for them to happen. Flowing energy prevents stagnation in your mind and keeps your arteries healthier too….. Read Article


Tantra, is a spiritual practice that has endured for over five thousand years now.
The primary concern of Tantra is ‘what is’, a sincere and honest acceptance of oneself and the world around – ‘the Truth of inner Being’…… Read Article

Rekindling Relationships

The questions here for you are guide lines for breaking through a routine that a relationship could have become stuck in, its for you to explore the hows to ignite it up again. Here are some pertinent questions that you could ask while taking your partner on regular outings. ….. Read Article

Sacred Sex

Orgasmic state is spiritual consciousness awakened; those of us who have experienced this heightened state describe it as magical and beyond time. These states sustain prolonged delightful feelings of that transcend the daily consciousness. This heightened sexual experience expands …. Read Article

20 Tips That Will Keep Your Relationship Sizzling

Sex is part of the way we express ourselves with intimacy and we want to be comfortable in the way we are expressing this part of ourselves. We also want our partner to respond favorably to our sexual interest in them. Women love to be ….. Read Article

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