Female Sexuality

How many times do you hear another male exclaim something like “women! who understands them?” Probably more often than you would care to remember, right? Most men, yes, most men understand almost nothing about women. They don’t understand how females think, why they feel the things they do. They don’t understand how a women’s plumbing works. They don’t know how to talk to women or even how to act in their presence.

Most men stumble through their lives in total ignorance about the fairer sex. Is it any wonder that the divorce rates in most developed nations are around 60%. That leaves around 40% of couples who choose to live together and many of those are in some sort relationship limbo.

Learning how to be a great lover is a great advantage in giving a man confidence, a healthy self esteem and perhaps some hope of acquiring and keeping some sort of relationship going, for a while at least. But it is not enough, not nearly enough.

A man needs to at least attempt to learn something about female sexuality. He has to put aside some of his precious time and seriously study “women”. I’m not kidding. This is probably one of the most important things you can do both for yourself and any women who then has the good fortune to end up as your lover or partner.

Tip Number 1

Ignoring this warning it will be to your peril:- Your penis is not enough. Your love is not enough and your money is not enough. Your achievements ( though they may impress her for a while), are nowhere near enough.

The profound understandings about women and their sexuality that you can easily develop over time will be worth “pure gold” to you.

Women are intuitively attracted to men who display levels of power and strength. This is one of the most powerful and effective mechanisms of sexual attraction. Women are primarily programmed to seek out males who have strength in almost any form, physical, emotional, cerebral, or social.

Tip Number 2

A women needs to believe that her lover is more powerful than she is. In fact one of the main things a man can provide for a women is stability and direction. Women are not as self confident about life as men are. This is one of the main reasons they require a lot more reassurance and validation than men. It keeps up their sense of self esteem.

A woman seeks and loves to be nurtured by her man, but unless he can provide this nurturing for himself there is no way he can provide this for his woman. You can only share what you already have.

If a man NEEDS a women, it implies emotional weakness. This may seem counter intuitive but If you NEED her then you would very likely settle for any woman that might fill that big emotional hole in your life. But if a man WANTS a women, it implies that SHE has something valuable and unique. In other words, she has something worthy of being desired.

Tip Number 3

Women intuitively know the difference between being wanted and being needed. She does not choose you for you for who you are but for who she imagines you could be for her and how you can make her feel.

A Female needs to feel appreciated for the unique individual she is. She needs to feel special and that her man supports her endeavors. Your lover needs to feel a deep and profound emotional connection that she will only share with her man. She needs to feel beautiful, sexy, feminine desired and alive. On top of all this she needs hot passionate sex, she needs to be seduced, enticed,and teased, over and over again.

Women use sex as a way of exploring themselves and their own pleasure. If she is having a wonderful time with you, laughing, enjoying herself, she will start to think about sex. Its exactly the same mind set. One thing will very naturally lead to the other. She also needs to want what you have to give her, more than you appear willing to give her. When you pull back a bit, she will intuitively respond by pulling in closer.

Tip Number 4

By the way, the worst thing you can do with your woman is argue with her, about anything at all. When you argue back, it just shows her that you are not sure about yourself or your opinion. You can become emotionally engaged with her without ever arguing.

When a woman argues with you or is creating drama, she is actually reaching for your emotional engagement and is looking for signs of your strength not your logical expertise. In most situations men simply “don’t get” what it is that a women wants from him when she argues.

Tip Number 5

Learning “The Orgasmic Effect” will give you a head start in winning over your prospective woman. Rather than the general frustrations that are experienced by most couples when they have difficulty understanding one another’s trigger points and the many times tensions arise(add) when the other cannot satisfy, and each(delete) doesn’t know how to explain their own needs to their partner.

Women do not to want be drowned by constant bragging about your accomplishments. They would much prefer to find out about them themselves. This is far more interesting an exciting to a women. Women live in a far more emotionally rich reality than men. They actually find higher levels of daily satisfaction when their lives are emotionally charged, so sometimes fighting, arguing, laughing crying passionate sex, are part of keeping their emotions balanced and healthy.

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