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Sexual Energy

Within us all is a magical energy at work. . . . .

Imagine being able to make love as long as you want, as many times as you like, at any age and knowing absolutely that you can satisfy your partner, not just physically, but on every level of being, body, heart and soul.

Imagine having a partner who says that she couldn’t possibly have a better lover than you, that she can’t wait for you to come home each day.

Imagine a relationship that is exciting, sexy and emotionally nurturing where you continue to explore fulfilling and profound lovemaking experiences. You grow together feeling more pleasure with deeper and stronger orgasms for you and your partner. Love making that will bring more intimacy, loving feelings and pleasure into your life . . . it is possible !

The techniques that you will learn here you will treasure for your whole lifetime, because they are all practical and have helped sustain passion with many couples and males who have learnt them and taken back to their partners. Its worked for thousands for people from early 20’s to late 70’s.

A man feels 300cm ~10ft tall when he knows that he can satisfy a woman and the skills you will learn here will give you this expertise that will do exactly that.

Imagine if you could additionally . . .

Switch this feeling on inside you, by pressing a few magic buttons . . . .

which gives you not only prolonged sexual pleasure but in addition changes your mood states, gives you control over your health your vitality and allows you to maintain feeling harder for longer.

We as humans are very much connected with the sexual energy within ourselves, even if we are not really engaging in the action itself. There is some sort of energy that draws us in and we find ourself participating with this energetic pastime even when we are not fully aware that we are doing so.

When a laboratory test was conducted on women where they were given an erotic DVD to watch of couples in intimate situations, the tests showed how the energy of each woman changed producing a rise in temperature in their body without them knowing it.

So if we are attracted by this pastime without always consciously knowing it, then what actually happens when this part of ourselves is blocked as in hangs ups by way of denial or sex being unavailable ?

Sex is part of our creative energy and when we are engaged with a person we find stimulating we can stay for many hours at a time, and find that it actually stops us from being tired.

So when sex takes a back seat in a marriage, the partnership begins to suffer and both parties begin to show signs of disinterest which starts to affect other parts of our life.

This all adds up to, when sexual energy is not properly stimulated inside us this energy that keeps everything running smoothly reduces in its power and so does our interest in many things in life.

To get that “magic feeling” all we need is, to connect to a “feel good feeling” on the inside.

How Sexual Energy works

Men are now challenged to get women to orgasm, this was not the case before the 60’s.
The generation has changed, after the 60’s men began to realize that if their woman experienced pleasure in sex it would give them more pleasure also. The sexual liberation of the 60’s put more pressure on men to satisfy their women. They could no longer just please themselves as they did for centuries before when women were sexually suppressed and sex was generally uncomfortable for them.

Women of today don’t want just good sex they are interested in a partner who can give them great sex. This has been reflected in the series “Sex and the City” where women are so liberated that its become quite acceptable that women can dictate how she wants her man to please her and feels free to make requests and additionally make use of self pleasuring methods feely available on the market today.

What a Woman wants from a Man

Its not just intercourse that a woman wants from her man, anyone can do that . . .
A woman wants to experience feelings of ecstasy that will transcend her thoughts of time and space. She wants her man to touch her heart and know her deepest desires. Every man generally wants to provide this for his woman, but generally doesn’t know how to achieve giving her the very experience they can both reach – to these elevated states.

Once a man achieves this, the relationship reaches new depths of love and ecstasy, which not only gives him the ability over all other men, but it allows him to access higher states of pleasure for himself.

Sexual pleasure these days is no more just about physical contact, a man just pleasing himself. Combining his pleasure with enabling his partner to reach orgasmic heights is a big turn on for him.

Feeling love within the heart is opening the heart to the doorway of great power. . .
It’s not about achieving a variety of positions. The sexual power lies in allowing the heart to open and this is achieved by steadily getting to experience deeper levels of pleasure and allowing to go to deeper levels of intimacy between partners.

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