Male Sexuality

Men measure their self worth according to their levels of success. A man is essentially the provider and protector. With these titles comes the responsibility to perform. The need to achieve and accomplish is hard wired into a mans internal programming as it has been for thousands of years. The competition in the real world is “always on”, for his job, his position, and for his female companion. With all of this competition and pressure, his need to succeed is vital to his survival, his “well being” and to his relationship with his partner or lover.

Why men need frequent RELEASE / RELIEF

The daily act of being “survival competent” requires enormous amounts of energy and thought. Just the act of “getting by” on a daily basis causes stress. With so much energy being devoted to just surviving and getting ahead in the real world its not unusual for high levels of stress to build up in the course of an average day or week. Lets face it, the world can be a hard place to survive and cave man did not have it much easier than men do in the modern world.

For most men, relieving stress is part of their daily activity. It is absolutely necessary that they unwind or it can build to dangerous and self destructive levels.

So, how do men relieve stress?

Watching television, drinking alcohol, playing sport, exercising, gambling, drugs and having sex.

Having sex is actually a very efficient way of relieving stress. There is one problem here. If you are having sex with your partner with the underlying or unconcious motive of reducing your stress levels, the oncoming orgasm signals the end of the sex activity and of your stress. Also the faster you orgasm the faster you can relax and go to sleep.

Can you see a problem emerging at this point?

This is one of the foundations of premature ejaculation:- sex, orgasm and stress relief are all tied together into one thought process.Men have unknowingly programmed themselves over many years to associate sex with stress relief. To compound this problem, their partners expect to have, long lasting great sex and all of the intimacy that goes with it.

“Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight don’t count”
George Burns.

And this is another pressure and source of stress on top of everything else. A man is expected to satisfy his woman or partner. So sex, instead of being the relaxing and pleasurable pastime it is meant to be, now becomes just another pressure to be dealt with. The more pressure you feel to perform satisfactory, the quicker you will climax to reduce this pressure. For many men, the whole sex thing becomes a closed circuit activity that starts and ends in one or two minutes. Most men actually do not realize that this is why they are having sex…

Premature ejaculation is caused by a built in, unconscious desire to release stress.

If the back-log of daily stress cannot be released by sex, many men seek other means of satisfaction e.g. drugs, alcohol and gambling are other means. In fact most men are more concerned with improving their personal circumstances than improving themselves and so they remain bound to these self destructive attitudes and behaviors.

Drinking alcohol to reduce stress is only a temporary relief and mostly serves to disconnect men from the tension and frustration for a short period of time. Pornography is another habit loop as is drugs. The temporary relief actually keeps the man frustrated . Using adult services does provide men with a quick and easy method for genital release. Unfortunately this does not give a man the satisfaction he really needs and often leads to a lot more frustration.

But stress is best minimized through other means. If you can learn to control stress in healthier and more beneficial ways it can actually leave you free to explore and enjoy sex in a whole new way. This will benefit you directly, your partner and the relationship.

By learning to control your internal energy, you develop the right internal attitude towards sex, you can start to use sex as a means of pleasure and intimacy for which it is meant, and not as a method of reducing stress.
The truth is that you have to start doing the work that needs to be done. If you do, it is possible to develop a new-found attitude towards sex and at the same time, a means to control your internal energy, that way premature ejaculation can be controlled and diminished.

Stress is energy that has built up and become localized in certain areas of your body. One area where this energy becomes stuck is in your genital area.

The very thought of having sex can make this energy build up very quickly, almost to an explosive level. Its no wonder that so many men cannot control their orgasm. How do you learn to control this energy so it becomes an advantage to you and your partner? What if you could harness this amazing energy and use it to give yourself and your lover the most incredible orgasms imaginable.

How do you learn to control your energy and at the same time develop the highly coveted ability to have continual mind blowing sex for hours?

If having these traits is something that you desire. If giving your lover endless hours of incredible sex, is something that you truly want to be able to do, read The Orgasmic Effect. It may be exactly what you have always been looking for.

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