Practical Fitness

When your energy is flowing it causes you to want to look forward and create situations rather than waiting for them to happen. Flowing energy prevents stagnation in your mind and keeps your arteries healthier too.


Fitness is what keeps your body looking and feeling youthful among other things, most importantly its what keeps your energy flowing.

These are just some of my energy shots, that I practice every week with approx 50 on each arm. You can’t help but smile when you do something like this, its energizing and fun and you always feel lighter and in great spirits after.

It looks harder than it really is. Reversing your energy is both invigorating fun and quick way to do a short work out, without needing to exhaust yourself by running long distances to acquire fitness. Reversing energy is what gives you revitalization and oomph, zest for life and gives your circulation a boost.

This is why people who practice yoga look better and feel better than the average person, because their energy is revitalized and reversed in some yoga postures.

YOGA postures – “Salute to the Sun”

The 12 positions below are simple and easy to do and will give you a refreshed feeling after spending a short 10mintues doing the exercise routine. Called “Suriya Namaskara” or “Salute to the Sun” these are 12 very easy to do positions, for your easy practice reference.


1. Stand up straight with your feet together, breathe slowly in and out. Tuck your pelvis under and clasp your hands in front of you.

2. Stretch your arms out and over your head so you are leaning back slightly. Take a deep breath in.

3. Lean over from your waist with your arms in front and touch your toes. Tuck your head in towards the knees. If your not very flexable, you may bend your knees slightly. Don’t be too concerned if you can’t touch your toes just yet. Perfection comes with regular practice.

4. With one smooth motion, bend your knee and stretch your other leg behind you. While touching your hands on the ground, arch your back and look upwards, Remember to keep breathing slowly in and out. This exercise is as much about the breath as it is about your body position.


5. Move your bent leg back and side by side with your extended one. Hold your weight with the palms of your hands and your toes. Breathe in and then out again.

6. Bring both of your knees to the floor and slowly breathe out while you lower your chest to the floor.

7. Take a deep breath in and straighten your arms and legs.
With your pelvis touching the floor arch your back and look upwards.


8. Breathe out, keep your feet together and arch your buttocks upwards. Keep your legs and your back straight.



9. Positions 9, 10, 11 and 12. These movements are the reverse of positions 1, 2 3 and 4.



You can choose something that will stimulate you, be that cycling, or mountain climbing. Scuba diving and paragliding is a lot of fun, as is abseiling, caving or canyoning. Choose out of so many fun sporty pastimes, regular walks with the dog, a tennis with a friend, and ice hokey of ice skating and surfing is a whole lot of fun too. But to do at home at any time, nothing really can beat these simple yoga positions or handstands that you can do against the wall. “Attempted or half way” handstands are equally as much fun and can take as little as 10 mins a day.

As long as you undertake some activity and do it regularly it will surely prevent visits to your doctor. . . .
Too many people realize that they need to take up an activity usually all too late, and some of these reminders come after major surgery, when they were forced to stop and take stock that their life had been out of balance for far too long.

It’s only then that recovery leads them to do some physical activity long overdue and in much need. This is when it can become a daunting task. So do yourself a favor and commence something you will enjoy and look forward to doing. Anything new especially exercise does take a while to incorporate it into your life, so patience with yourself will be the greatest key. Its important to choose a teacher you will like, so you can look forward to going to your yoga or other fitness class and keep it up long-term.

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