What do we mean when we say relationship; don’t we generally refer to a relationship as starting or ending? That’s the general concept most people have of the word. But what does a relationship actually mean?

Relationship is the way you understand how you have empathy, and how you feel about something. It’s what your parents taught you, but more directly it’s what you actually picked up from how your parents as they related to you from their non verbal communication. This doesn’t mean that it was right or correct, it just means it’s what you learnt from them, what you picked up.

Then you go out into the world and literally test what you’ve learnt, and generally find that you make a lot of mistakes because it’s not about what someone does or what your parents did, its how you interpret and have since put that relating into practice yourself. This is a foundation of the relationship you develop with yourself.

Why is my partner is being distant ?

Men and women generally think along completely different lines. Men relate from a logical perspective and spend most of their time in their head. Women relate emotionally and spend most of their time seeing things from a variety of perspectives. Therefore women want their man to connect with them emotionally and the whole reason for many arguments is because she just wants to get some perspectives on her view point. This is a woman’s way of connecting with her man, which men mostly don’t fathom at all. See:- Female Sexuality

When a young family is growing, men frequently disconnect from their woman for the simple reason that she is spending more time connecting with the young ones. A man makes his connection mostly through his genitals and in this way connects with his partner.

The woman’s sexual passion changes and transfers to connecting with the children or with her career, so when the man cannot get the frequent sexual connection with his partner due to many diversions and developments within the relationship as he did before, his energy slowly disconnects. He will either engage more with his work and hobbies, his children and things around the house. Or, he will try to get this connection elsewhere.

A relationship can fall into difficulties when two people stop connecting with one another; usually this disconnection happens slowly and goes unnoticed and sex takes a back seat. They don’t express loving ways toward one another as often, and at the same time neither is ready to admit that they need to face up to taking some steps to rekindle their relationship. It becomes difficult to salvage the relationship and this is when a relationship will slowly move into one of convenience.

Relationship is how you relate with yourself

So if you are comfortable expressing your emotions, you will relate well with others around you. Connecting is about feelings. if you are uncomfortable with your own feelings and haven’t sorted them out properly, you will have the same uncomfortable feelings when others will engage with their own feelings.

We cannot get away from feelings; people express feelings all the time. It’s the whole reason why we go to movies, to watch people interacting with and expressing feelings, and the reason we watch movies is it allows us to relate in some way to those situations and get some perspective from an observer’s point of view.

The more people interact with others the more they have time to express or vent their emotions and have that exchange which really tests our beliefs and opinions and how we can relate with others who have opposite views or different views.

That’s when our personality and ego engages and we see how we connect and how passionate we are and this allows us to play out a smorgasbord of emotions that sometimes we didn’t know we were capable of or had it in us.

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