What is the Orgasmic Effect?


The Ultimate Cure

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The Orgasmic Effect technique is a long-term natural treatment for premature ejaculation and easily works for all males. The outcomes of using the technique are frequently described as euphoric, ‘magical’, a ‘floating feeling’. It can be described as the ‘missing link’ to prolonged sexual control. Once you learn this simple method it gives you the connection that you have been seeking all these years. This euphoric feeling is what every man wants and looks for from his partner.

How does “The Orgasmic Effect” cure premature ejaculation?

During sex, your body’s vital energy becomes highly focused and amplified in the genital area. If this energy is not dispersed correctly throughout your whole body, it continues building until it overwhelms you and the result is an orgasm. At this point, the energy is drained and lost.
The Orgasmic Effect” technique allows you to take control over this energy by “flicking an internal switch”, enabling you to move it effectively throughout your whole body.

When you’ve learnt how to “Flick this Internal Switch” your whole body becomes energized, giving you lasting power that becomes more powerful with practice. The powerful sensation of freedom that is experienced, causes your whole body to be thoroughly energized simply by moving this energy. Your own orgasms become more explosive and intense than you ever thought possible. This is the most effective way to naturaly control ejaculation sexual energy

When you discover how to control your energy you can increase your lasting power from a couple of minutes to one and two hours. With regular practice, usually within a week or two you develop the ability, to ejaculate at will. .

“The Orgasmic Effect” is easy and fun to learn

Just like learning to dance or any new skill, learning the moves gives you mind to muscle control step-by-step. With “The Orgasmic Effect” a greater sense of exhilaration follows as you get to achieve the orgasmic “wow effect”. Your life takes on new meaning because fulfillment and pleasure now becomes a frequent occurrence.

The Orgasmic Effect technique is successful because, you can learn it in one single session.

Here are some general comments frequently expressed by clients after experiencing a session:-
You walk away feeling like you’re floating..
I felt like this when I was a child completely free, on cloud nine..
Am I in my body ? I feel like I’m on drugs…
I didn’t know I could ever feel like this again…
It feels magical like I’m not in this world…
I love to feel like this every day..

A Boost to Your Self Esteem

If you want to boost your self esteem, satisfaction, self assurance and ultimately the joy and power of becoming a stud – knowing that you can always control ejaculation and satisfy your woman call me, talk to me about “The Orgasmic Effect”.

All it takes is a phone call, to find out how this amazing technique can work for you. If you are ready to take the first step towards curing your premature ejaculation problems forever, then why wait a moment longer?

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