Healing Your Inner Child

Heals your Inner Spirit and releases the past


This CD is for anyone aspiring to let go of their personal limitations and access their own profound inner resources of healing and growth. Inner Child healing is a process that helps you to resolve painful past experiences and unresolved issues that often limit your spiritual growth and your abilities to balance your emotions and inner spirit.

The “inner child” is your core emotional being. This C.D. will help you re-connect with the joyful, enthusiastic part of yourself that you had as a child, and experience your life once again through a child’s eyes – full of wonder, trust and open lovingness.

Generally as human beings we are powerful, but when we become disconnected from “who we are” we can go into, “victim mode”, becoming ineffective and operating out of a disempowered self. When this becomes a problem the individual can become
unmotivated, stuck and cannot seem to move forward in life.

These are extremely challenging times. Everyday life situations can easily overwhelm, overload and disconnect us from our inner peace and stability. Unresolved issues tend to stay with us throughout our adult lives, mainifesting themselves through our relationship with ourselves and others. It may feel like there is a “default program” that seems to be dictating how you respond to the endless challenges the universe is sending to you.

We are all a product of our upbringing and conditioning. Looking back on your life you may wonder that you may have BECOME something other than what you intended. It takes a while to separate from your parents beliefs and how this has affected you to this point and how the whole machinery of beliefs have made you what you are.

Our Inner Child was partialy created by our parents and by society. Whenever you were compelled to accept your parents beliefs and behaviors without question. Whenever your own feelings and thoughts were not acknowledged or even heard by the people you love and depend on. The inner child was prevented from freely expressing joy, anger, sadness, curiosity and spontanaety.

The many layers of conditioning have prevented you ‘remembering’ the wisdom of your own inner child. Parts of you became disabled, lost and co-dependant. Conforming to the “norm” entailed part of your being to shut down. No longer having the natural capacity for bieng spontaneous, curious and artistic.

Healing the Inner Child will help align you in ways that encourage the development of self empowerment and foster your abilities to move beyond obsolete beliefs, limiting attitudes and old ideas. It is for those who desire to better understand themselves both as a vibrant energy and multi-dimensional being. Be in every moment ! When you live in the moment you have the ability to access your own deep inner resources of healing and personal growth.

By simply becoming aware, you can begin to heal the emotional wounds from childhood and begin the dance of spiritual recovery. You are liberated to respond to your present situations and not react to them because of your past conditioning. In this way you may begin to create permanent, positive changes at a very deep level and reclaim the creative, playful, and intuitive child that is within all of us.



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